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Pre-Engineered Steel Building Erector

The Kaiser-Martin Group is the premier builder of Pre-Engineered Steel Building Construction in the Northeastern United States. We have built Pre-Engineered steel buildings in almost all sectors from mining applications, to cold storage, to churches, and golf clubhouses. We are the foremost authority of the design, capabilities, and installation of pre-engineered metal buildings in the Northeastern United States.

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When we build with pre-engineered metal buildings, we use only premium building packages from Nucor Building Systems, the Nation's largest and foremost steel building manufacturer. Nucor's design and manufacturing standards are second to none in the industry.

See our Pre-Engineered Steel Literature Here.

When we design steel buildings for our customers, we do not design to a minimum as many builders do. We carefully listen to your needs and design a well rounded and complete solution for you no matter the industry.

The Kaiser-Martin Group has the capability to provide sealed engineering drawings for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings and concrete footings. We are a complete scope steel building erector ready to service our customers to the fullest. Call The Kaiser-Martin Group today for all your Pre-Engineered Steel Building needs.

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Metal Building Applications

  • Warehouse and Logistic Steel Buildings: Long Bay Systems for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings provide large open floor areas with few interior columns to interfere with operations. Choose a Pre-Engineered Metal Building by The Kaiser-Martin Group for your warehouse construction project today.

  • Government Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings: Whether for municipal, state, or federal use, KMG can build your Pre-Engineered Steel Building to meet the specific government standards set forth. Choose The Kaiser-Martin Group to erect your Pre-Engineered Metal Building today.

  • Office Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings: The Kaiser-Martin Group's Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are designed to meet the unique needs of your office. Steel Building Technology will give you the form and function you need with the economic benefits of a steel building system. Choose KMG Construction to erect your Pre-Engineered Metal Building today.

  • Fire Station Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: Our Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings can be configured to satisfy the unique needs of a fire station or other municipal or police stations. Fire stations typically involve unique design needs which can be easily satisfied by Pre-Engineered Metal Building Construction. Call The Kaiser-Martin Group for erection of your Pre-Engineered Metal Building.

  • Religious Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings: When planning your religious facility, economy and efficiency are paramount. Pre-Engineered Steel Building Construction offers excellent features and customization with economy and efficiency. Call The Kaiser-Martin Group for erection of your Pre-Engineered Metal Building.

  • Agricultural Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: The Kaiser-Martin Group can build your agricultural building in Pre-Engineered Steel Construction. Steel buildings are an excellent choice for agricultural projects because of their large clear-span distances and economy. Call KMG for erection of your Pre-Engineered Metal Building.

  • Hardwall Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: The Kaiser-Martin Group Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings can be designed to accomodate attractive wall profiles including curves, skews, and textures. Multiple exterior finishes are available and offer design characteristics that range in size, color, shape, and texture. Call KMG for erection of your Pre-Engineered Metal Building.

  • Hangar Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings: The Kaiser-Martin Group can build steel hangar buildings with up to a 220' clear span for your aircraft hangar building. Whether your needs include a large or light aircraft hangar, standard or asymmetrical design with panel or hardwall exterior, KMG Construction can accomodate your requirements. We offer various door systems including bi-fold, rolling, or stacking for your steel building. We also provide Pre-Engineered Steel Hangars with mezzanines, maintenance, and office space. We will provide you with a well designed and economical solution for your needs.

  • Industrial & Crane Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: Need to lift and move heavy objects? KMG Construction can build a crane ready Pre-Engineered Steel Building for your business. We can reduce or eliminate the need for independent crane columns in your steel building. Many buildings can be easily designed to handle the loads imposed by the crane system.

  • Nucor Building Systems Group

    Nucor Building Systems is a proven leader in the Pre-Engineered Metal Building industry. You can put your trust in Nucor solutions that have been proven time and time again. As a member of the Metal Building Manufacturer's Association and certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction, you can be assured that Nucor Building Systems products have passed rigorous third-party testing of our engineering and manufacturing policies, practices, and procedures.

    Nucor Building Systems leads the Pre-Engineered Steel building industry in:

  • Buildings that Fit
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unbeatable Service
  • Solutions that Work

  • Strengths of Nucor Building Systems

  • Ready Capacity
  • Pricing Protection
  • History of No Layoffs
  • Reliable Engineering Staff
  • Accountability
  • Dependable source of Supply
  • Financially and Culturally Stable

  • See our Pre-Engineered Steel Building Literature Here.

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    Our Work Area

    The Kaiser-Martin Group is based in Temple, Pennsylvania and will pursue steel construction work opportunities in the eastern United States. We will build in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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    With our powerful logistics capability, we are capable of mobilizing to most north eastern states.

    Pre-Engineered Roof Panels:

    Standing Seam Roof
    Offering maximum weather protection for low profile roof applications on Pre-Engineered metal buildings. standing seam roof on a metal building

    Vertical Rib Roof
    Mechanically Seamed for a weathertight installation, the vertical rib roof panel offers an attractive and versatile architectural roof system for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.
    cfr roofing system

    Classic Roof
    The "tried and true" roof system for most purlin applications on Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. classic metal roofing panel

    Pre-Engineered Wall Panels:

    Classic Wall
    Provides a strong attractive wall panel. Ideal for commercial, community, and industrial applications on Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.
    classic wall panel

    Reverse Classic
    Offers a rigid surface designed to compress up to 4" of insulation without causing unsightly bulges at the girt. Fasteners are semi-concealed, allowing attention to focus on the beauty of the wall on Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.
    reverse classic metal wall panel

    Accent Wall
    Ideal for fascias and wall designs. The recessed fasteners provide a clean exterior appearance, and the deep rib configuration created an attractive shadow pattern on Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.. Fasteners are semi-concealed.
    accent metal wall panel

    Liner Panel
    Usually specified to protect and finish the building interior. The 28 gauge panel is coated with a white polyester paint system and is ideal for most liner conditions not exposed to weather on Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings..
    metal liner panel

    In addition to the above wall and roof panels, The Kaiser-Martin Group can build your Pre-Engineered steel building with any other roofing system, wall panel, masonry, light gauge steel, or wood framing.

    Our Business Philosophy

    Our customers appreciate how we were founded on values of honesty and integrity and continue to use our services because of this. We know that you can be confident in The Kaiser-Martin Group to build your next project no matter the size or complexity.

    We have the knowledge, experience and values to ensure that as we work on your next project you will be thrilled with the final result.